Decking 5/4 x 6

Decking Landing Page
  • Conifex produces Premium and Standard Decking. Premium is recommended where small knots are desired and appearance is of utmost importance. Excellent for painting or staining. Standard grade is used where a more rustic appearnce is desired. The intended use is painting or staining.
DimensionGradeLengthPackage Size
5/4×6Premium8 to 16′96 pcs
5/4×6Standard8 to 16′96 pcs
5/4×6Standard6′240 pcs
5/4×6Standard4′480 pcs
5/4×6I458 to 16′192 pcs
5/4×6Corral Boards8 to 16′105 pcs
5/4×6Corral Boards8 to 16′140 pcs
All products are pulled to length and attached with dunnage
Available in rail, truck, and container load quantities