stack of economy grade lumber
  • Our economy grade is the last grade pulled. Typically used by remanufactures both locally and offshore.
  • All of our economy grade is heat treatment certified (HT)
Domestic SizesExport Sizes
sizeslengthpackage sizesizeslengthpackage size
2×46′-16′294 pcs38 x 89 mm1.83 m – 4.88 m240 pcs
2×66′-16′189 pcs38 x 140 mm1.83 m – 4.88 m160 pcs
2×88′-16′147 pcs38 x 184 mm2.44 m – 4.88 m120 pcs
2×108′-16′105 pcs38 x 235 mm2.44 m – 4.88 m100 pcs
– All products are pulled to length, paper wrapped and with attached IPPC dunnage
– Available in rail, truck and container load quantities